The Italian War History Museum in Rovereto is located in Rovereto castle. The castle is the only example of Venetian architecture in Trentino. The Museum was founded in 1921 with the aim of documenting the history that involved all the territory and the city. The museum houses collections with materials related to World War II and the Italian colonial wars. The collection was formed by public donations, or by local private. They are part of the first uniform collection, artwork, photographs, memorabilia, posters, collections of weapons, objects of everyday use in the trenches, letters, diaries and honors. Of great interest it is one of the last cannon St. Chamond 1916 exhibited at the Museum. Even today there are deep caves that house the artillery that were built during the Great War. The collection is one of the largest in Italy and includes mortars, cannons and ammunition material. The museum hosts temporary exhibitions that come into dialogue with the collections and the museum subjects.

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Via Guglielmo Castelbarco, 7
38068 Rovereto

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