Giorgio Amarelli Licorice Museum

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The Giorgio Amarelli Licorice Museum

A story within a story, a saga, that of the Amarellis, which began around the year 1000 and continued over the centuries between the Crusades, intellectual commitment and agriculture. A story to touch, to read, to listen to, to experience in the “Giorgio Amarelli” Licorice Museum.

Engravings, documents, books, period photos but also agricultural tools, everyday objects and splendid ancient clothes testify to the life of a family, which enhances the underground branches of the liquorice plants that grow spontaneously on the Ionian coast, and which become the stage of a unique museum in the world.

The large space of the "Concio", dating back to 1731, perfectly conveys the idea of the passage of time between past and present. Accompanied by attentive museum assistants, you will discover the secrets of liquorice processing, the sheaves of root ready to be processed, the modern extraction systems, the ancient cookers where the black liquorice paste thickens and the bronze dies that give it shape and depth, in a visit to the production process perpetually immersed in the sweet scent of liquorice and which, like the museum, fascinates everyone, adults and children.

The smokestack, with the initials of Baron Nicola Amarelli, stands out imposingly from the roof of the ashlar at the base of which is the "Open Air Museum" with a truly unique exhibition of vintage industrial pieces.

An unprecedented adventure that transports you into the reality of a flourishing past and tells the present of an excellent product to be enjoyed, at the end of the journey, in the Liquorice Shop and in the Museum Cafè. From raw wooden sticks to liquorice pure or with mint and anise, from orange, lemon and violet gummies to delicately colored dragees, our liquorice takes on different shapes and flavours. Finally, the "Alessandro Amarelli" Auditorium, a large space with over one hundred seats, which has always been an integral part of the late eighteenth century complex, is today a welcoming environment, the beating heart of the cultural life and events of the Liquorice Museum. The visits are always guided, and in addition to Italian, they are carried out in the most common languages of French, English and German and on request Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. An unforgettable experience awaits you at the Giorgio Amarelli Licorice Museum.


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Contrada Amarelli
87067 Rossano


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