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Curated by: Davide Ferri e Saverio Verini

The show

Un giorno in casa is the fourteenth exhibition promoted and organized by the smART Foundation - pole for art, scheduled to start on Tuesday 8 June 2021. Curated by Davide Ferri and Saverio Verini, the exhibition brings together the works of nine artists from different generations, and evokes some suggestions around the idea of home, a domestic interior that resonates with the character of the exhibition space, a former apartment in a villa from the early twentieth century.

The exhibition aims to highlight a series of contrasts starting from the vision of the domestic context as something apparently harmless, composed and modest, to gradually reveal its unstable, insecure, perturbing nature. The selected works affirm and at the same time contradict the aspects traditionally associated with an "interior": they highlight incongruities, oblique glances, uncertain figures and, while in some cases drawing on a painting that could be defined as "genre" (still life, landscape) , subvert its canons or force its limits. One day at home is therefore an exhibition of paintings, in which different approaches to painting are intertwined. Alessandro Fogo's still lifes (Thiene, 1992) are “lit” by enigmatic flashes and intense contrasts of light or image planes; the visions of the interior of Anna Capolupo (Lamezia Terme, 1983) apparently placid, contain, in a disjointed form, enigmatic and mysterious elements; the intervention on the walls by Amedeo Polazzo (Starnberg, 1988) proposes a fictitious breakthrough towards the outside in an internal space of the house, bringing together fragments of heterogeneous spaces in a single environment; the composed dreamlike visions of Lula Broglio (Sanremo, 1993), animated by destabilizing and eccentric figures, can redefine the relationship between inside and outside; the works of Franco Guerzoni (Modena, 1948) open the vision of the wall to hypothetical stratifications, to an “inside” of the wall that re-emerges on the surface through stains and exudations; the paintings by Manuele Cerutti (Turin, 1976) focus on minimal and ordinary visions, with objects and fragments found in the studio and in the immediate surroundings, which become, enlarged and recombined, figures of which the artist tries to portray the "human presence "; the works of Farid Rahimi (Lausanne, 1974) vary and repeat incessantly, in a series begun a few years ago, the image of a room, exploring through this single subject, also capable of veering towards abstraction, different potentialities of painting; in the paintings of Miltos Manetas (Athens, 1964) the subject of the paintings is an element that flows on the edge of our visual field but omnipresent in contemporary life - electric cables represented in the form of tangles that are still lifes and landscapes; the works of Giulio Saverio Rossi (Massa, 1988) are often the result of real "exercises of vision" that here lead to a landscape portrayed from the inside and seen through the opaque glass of a window, which becomes a rarefied image, gaseous, mobile.


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Piazza Crati, 6/7
00199 Rome


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