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Fondazione Memmo is pleased to present Dreaming the End, the first solo exhibition in Italy by Sin Wai Kin (Toronto, Canada, 1991), scheduled from Thursday 4 May to Sunday 29 October 2023. The cornerstone of the project is the new video work from which the exhibition takes its name, Dreaming the End entirely shot in Rome. The exhibition, curated by Alessio Antoniolli, constitutes a further chapter in Sin Wai Kin's research, which reflects on the objectification of the body and the culture that regulates it through the practice of storytelling, thus questioning the normative processes that regulate the categories identities and a self-awareness based on binarism.

Constantly poised between reality and dreamlike dimension, the poetics of Sin Wai Kin is the manifesto of a complexity that shuns categories and means of expression: videos, performances, installations are the languages used to give life to works that mix pop references and personal experiences, allowing an indefinable feeling to emerge, suspended between tenderness and melancholy, irony and drama, familiarity and alienation.

The fulcrum of the exhibition is the Dreaming the End video: a story that moves between the narrative register and the real one, playing with times, spaces, places and references, so as to make everything familiar and unknown at the same time. Obsessions and contradictions are at the heart of the film, a journey between dreams and oppressive visions made by a series of enigmatic figures who cross paths in the different scenarios imagined by Sin Wai Kin. The transversal approach of different film genres (thriller, noir, fantasy…), with forays into fashion and other areas of popular culture, contributes to the sense of disorientation of Dreaming the End, which offers the viewer an experience in which the reference are continually questioned and overturned. It is through this story – a pastiche of genres, styles, and space-time coordinates – that the film poses a question: where does authenticity end and performance begin? Who decides what is fantasy or reality? For Sin Wai Kin the possibility of change is fundamental: this work too is an invitation to adopt a non-binary conscience, to dissolve the rigidity of certain patterns and let our experiences make us evolve.


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Via della Fontanella di Borghese, 56 B
00186 Rome


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