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Magic Lantern Film Festival , in collaboration with the smART Foundation - polo per l'arte , presents the second edition of Prime Time : a program of screenings and events, created for the first time in 2021, which intends to explore the methods and the different expressions through in which the moving image is adopted by the poetics of some protagonists of emerging Italian art, with the intention of giving visibility to the imaginaries and methodologies of the artists and filmmakers involved.

The third appointment of the cycle opens on Wednesday 30 November at 18:00 and sees Eleonora Luccarini as the protagonist. His multidisciplinary research focuses on the performative possibilities of language. The starting point of her work is writing which is related to other media, in an artistic practice which investigates the relationship between word, image and body through fiction, ambiguity and potential.

For the first time, Just 1 Poem (video, footage and CGI, 7 minutes, 2021) and 4 Hooves Don't Leave Footprints (video, CGI animation, 11 minutes, 2021) are presented together. Both works are part of an interdisciplinary project linked to poetry as a performative practice, entirely structured on the identity of Léonard Santé, poet and Luccarini's alter ego.

Santé is the tool used by the artist - both in writing and in performance and video - to represent a certain type of masculinity that struggles to deconstruct itself and its subtle misogynistic features; while poetry is the means through which the alter ego, therefore the artist, tries to understand his complex and contradictory relationship with emotions, gender, vulnerability, sexuality, religion, future and family expectations .

Santé is carefully configured through CGI (Computer-Generated-Images) and refined through artificial intelligence tools.

The videos are presented together with some recent works that revolve around the figure of Léonard Santé, making his real existence doubtful.


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Piazza Crati, 6/7
00199 Rome


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