Curated by: Achille Bonito Oliva e Melania Rossi

The show

The Rhythm of the Brain ” is a selection of works by Jan Fabre in dialogue with the Cerasi collection . It is a spiritual and physical encounter between some recent works by the Belgian master and a precious collection of Italian art from the first half of the twentieth century.

Within the exhibition spaces of the former Hygiene Office, the exhibition will be developed in two chapters: one focuses on a direct dialogue with the permanent collection and its exhibition itinerary; the other consists of a selection of works by the artist linked to the performance that he created together with the Italian neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti , who discovered and studied mirror neurons, set up together with some portraits and self-portraits from the Elena and Claudio Cerasi Collection.

Jan Fabre has been dedicating himself for some time to the relationships between art and science and has defined a path that reflects and creates on the 'brain' , seat of thought but also of action, place of elaboration and metamorphosis: , tries to make the appearance of things invisible and vice versa.

In this exhibition, Fabre intercepts points of contact between the works in the collection and his own production; rhythm is the common thread that draws a bridge between life and art , the sound of that traffic of impulses that tirelessly crosses our body like a kind of music.

The works of De Chirico, Donghi, Capogrossi, Ianni, Casorati and Cambellotti have been a direct inspiration for both Fabre and the curators who have found poetic and intimate connections between the work of the Belgian artist and these works of the past that invite to a reflection on the art, imagination and thought of artists throughout history.  


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Via Merulana, 121
00185 Rome


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Until 01 January 2023

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