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The Istituto Svizzero presents, for the first time in Italy, the retrospective of the renowned Swiss artist Hannah Villiger (1951-97). The exhibition explores his revolutionary work in all its breadth, including in relation to the artist's Roman period, during the 1970s.

Hannah Villiger gained popularity during the 1980s, through large-format photographs depicting her body, often showing very close-up close-ups and fragmented, abstract body parts. The artist, who
has always considered herself a sculptor rather than a photographer, she was a resident of the Swiss Institute from November 1974 to the summer of 1976. The 'Roman years' were decisive for her artistic biography: in her studio and in the garden of Villa Maraini, Hannah Villiger has developed simple objects inspired by Arte Povera materials. She then devoted herself more and more consciously to photography, understood as a 'sculptural method', as emerges from the iconic series of leaf shots

palm tree on fire.

Retracing the artist's work, the exhibition offers an overview of Villiger's intense career, paying particular attention to his residency at the Swiss Institute. Alongside the works, work diaries and other research materials will also be exhibited.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a volume published together with Mousse Publishing in the summer of 2021, containing photographs of the working diaries and textual contributions by Elisabeth Bronfen, Gioia Dal Molin, Quinn Latimer, and Thomas Schmutz.


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Via Ludovisi, 48
00187 Rome


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