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closed Giuseppe Uncini. Reality in balance

Curated by: Giuseppe Appella

The show

After the personal exhibitions of Carlo Lorenzetti , Bruno Conte and Giulia Napoleone , the National Gallery celebrates Giuseppe Uncini , concluding the cycle of exhibitions Reality in balance, curated by Giuseppe Appella .
In 1982, for an exhibition at the Galleria Il Segno in Rome which included Lorenzetti , Napoleone , Conte , Aricò and Giuseppe Uncini , Fausto Melotti entitled "Reality in equilibrium" the text published in a poster-sheet distributed for the occasion. He considered the five artists "anchorites, far from the temptations of the world" who "see from the windows and know outside and ahead of time what will be necessary for the construction of the art building" [...], companions in research, [...] companions in this that art requires, sacrifice and love. […]. Not mimes, these are some of the cornerstones of art ”.

Through 57 sculptures and 30 drawings dated 1957-2008, Appella retraces in an anthology the various stages of the artist's journey marked by Terre , Cementarmati , Ferrocementi , Space structures , Structurespazio-environments, Bricks, Terrecementi, Shadows, Interspaces, Dimore delle cose , Dwellings and shadow walls, Iron spaces, Spaces and Trusses, Concrete walls, Architectures, Frames-Artifices.

It is enough to read the titles: from an initial Terra that corresponds to a normal landscape reminiscent of De Staël immediately transferred to Rothko, and from a literary Il passo del gatto (1958), emblem of the illusory image of painting that wants to escape the object- painting and digging into the memories of the subsoil, the transition from primary chromatic materials, subtly evocative, to a single material, cement, is very rapid, which moves gestures and signs and endows them with iron, raising armor (Primo Cementarmato, 1958-1959), regulating very heavy masses that, between an alphabet and a trellis, a dwelling and an epistylium, weave a city that is only apparently impossible (Architectures n.206, 2006), so much occupied the dreams of the futurists, of Gabo and Tatlin, of Vantongerloo, of Max Bill and Calder, Marino di Teana and Étienne Martin, Burri and Consagra, Milani and Chillida, Somaini and Sanfilippo.


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Viale delle Belle Arti, 131
00197 Rome


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