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Curated by: Izaskun Chinchilla Moreno

The show

On Monday 21 June, the National Gallery opens Cosmowomen. Places as Constellations, curated by the architect Izaskun Chinchilla Moreno. The exhibition develops around the philosophical and spatial concept of sphere and inhabits the space of the museum with a site-specific installation: three large-format structures inspired by the armillary spheres used in ancient times to study the earth, the cosmos and the relationships between bodies heavenly.

The exhibition reflects on the philosophy and politics of living spaces, questioning the different ways of building spaces for reflection and relationship. Each sphere is dedicated to a place of coexistence that has played an important role in building the common culture of women, having also represented, in different ways, a place of segregation or exclusion. Ordered from the most intimate space to the public and political one, the spheres refer to the Gineceo, the Onsen (Japanese thermal bath), the Parliament. The Gineceo sphere reflects on the places destined for a new one

domestic life, examining the home as a place for relationships of solidarity and complicity, but also as a control tool historically used to maintain in the private space the social order imposed in the public space. The Onsen sphere focuses on the intimate and public relationship that humans have with nature and the landscape. Traditionally designed in dialogue with nature, onsen combined the knowledge of one's own body with that of the landscape, preceding the clear separation imposed by colonialist prejudices. Finally, the Parliament sphere analyzes new possibilities for public space, institutions and the city. The investigation starts from the building that most represents the concepts of coexistence and collective housing of the spaces and which nevertheless was at the center of a double segregation of women: first the exclusion from the vote and then the representation of women from politics.


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Viale delle Belle Arti, 131
00197 Rome


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