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The Direction of the State Museums of the City of Rome directed by Mariastella Margozzi and the National Museum of Musical Instruments , directed by Sonia Martone, have begun to tackle the delicate work of rearrangement of the National Museum of Musical Instruments , through an action to improve the current structure of the Museum, extended to different levels, architectural, museological and plant engineering.

The general project, curated by Sonia Martone, aims at a new interpretation of the spaces of the Museum that highlights the specificity of the collection, one of the most important in the world for the number of musical instruments and scientific interest, with the aim of stimulating the attention of visitors. of different ages, backgrounds and interests: from experts, to non-specialized adult audiences, to young and adult audiences interested in traditional aspects of music or contemporary expressions. The goal is to address the history of music through the instruments that have been an expression of it since antiquity, paying particular attention to the Renaissance and Baroque period, represented by instruments of extraordinary importance, up to new experiments.

The project will be divided into phases and foresees the overall revision of the distance, on all floors; a new layout, partly flexible and adaptable, conceived in such a way as to stimulate the visitor also from the sensorial point of view, accessible by an audience with different levels of difficulty; the realization, along the way, thanks to the flexibility of the staging, of public performance spaces, for concerts with a seated audience and for performative experiences related to a particular instrument or to a specific cultural context.

These are the prerequisites for the inauguration of the exhibition on 10 May : Resonances From the Gorga collection at the National Museum of Musical Instruments.

Which is set up in the reopened spaces on the second floor of the Museum, starting from the presentation of the collection by Gennaro Evangelista Gorga, from which the Museum originated and which is the main source of inspiration for the future museological structure. visitors at the entrance to the exhibition with a 1949 film courtesy of the Istituto Luce and which sees him, now elderly, surrounded by his musical instruments. These are the same musical instruments that can be recognized along the way, set up according to a typological criterion, as the organization of the collection was conceived: string instruments, plucked instruments, pianos, winds, percussion, mechanical instruments.

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Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 9/a
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