The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions of Rome is the only state museum in Italy with specific expertise in the field of materials ETHNOGRAPHY AND ANTHROPOLOGY, and houses more than a hundred thousand of folk customs documents for all Italian regions, acquired from 1906 to today, following the coordinated collection by Lamberto Loria for the 1911 International Exhibition organized to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Italy. The location of the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions is divided into three major areas: The land and resources, Living fuses Rites festivals and ceremonies. In the first section, the land and resources, have addressed the issues related to transportation, to the agricultural and pastoral work, the marine work and craftsmanship; in the second, Living fuses shows the domestic world with its furnishings, the gestures of everyday life, the phases of the cycle of human life. The third section, Rites festivals and ceremonies, describes the various ceremonies, music, games and shows, clothes and traditional ornaments.

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Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 8
00144 Roma

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