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the Pastificio Cerere Foundation presents The world that I dream, Luca Galofaro's solo exhibition curated by Abdelkader Damani, open to the public from Tuesday 17 May to Wednesday 20 July 2022 and second appointment of "The Archive Project", a program of exhibitions curated of CAMPO.

The world that I dream presents a reflection on the nature of architecture in relation to the abstract action of assembly - considered as a method to define the possibilities that open to the architect's gaze - and to the role of the archive, intended as a tool for design.

The exhibition is a collection of different types of images, some untouched others desecrated, which are transformed into models and give shape to an idea of ​​the world: each architect defines his own vision through a recomposition of signs and forms that he has collected over time. This set of fragments is kept in everyone's memory. The project is the result of an unconscious montage. The archive plays an essential role in the development of the work that contributes to the constitution of architecture, it allows on the one hand to preserve its memory, on the other it helps to create an imaginary. Galofaro performs an action of rewriting the narratives of the past and Abdelkader Damani defines it as a mnemonic utopia, a Metopia, as it introduces new narrative assemblages, freeing himself from any previously codified form.

The exhibition itinerary is divided into three rooms, the first exhibits Postcards (2010-2022), a series of postcards in which the places represented play a key role in the definition of the montages: some are not modified and are the testimony of buildings that are not they exist more, others encounter fragments of architectures and objects that are transformed into a flow in which meanings arise from what is apparently unrelated. The postcards lose their status as a monumental body and a documentary source. A way to think time and image together not as different but joint interpretative palimpsests, the image becomes the center of a reflection on the time of the project.

In the second room, the found images meet, montages of photographs taken from books that have no direct link with architecture, are the result of an accidental encounter and, classified by themes, contribute to experiencing places and forms.

The third room hosts What's left of the world (2019-2022) and The hidden memory of images (2021-2022), dialectical images that become models with a serial character. The juxtaposition of images, however different they may be, always creates a transformation, an opening of our gaze. Montage is used as a system for annotating ideas, it produces narrative strategies through simple operations: multiplication of signs, changes of scale, inversions, grafts, superimpositions, cancellations. Useful operations for asking questions related to the project that can only be applied to architecture at a later time.

"The world that is created when I dream is a world where images meet and become the words of a discourse on architecture" this is how Luca Galofaro poetically indicates his method of research and work, which combines representations found in the markets, extracted from books and photographs taken during his travels, of shapes, objects and architectures belonging to his personal archive. The images on display define an operational strategy rather than a theory.


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