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Curated by: Marco Trulli

The show

Thursday 16 January 2020 opens at AlbumArte, an independent space for contemporary art, the personal exhibition of the artist Anna Raimondo entitled National Nose Parthenopeo Front, curated by Marco Trulli. The exhibition will remain open until Saturday 29 February. The title of the exhibition is inspired by a writing read by chance by the artist on the walls of Naples. The controversial theme of identity, ironically exposed by this phrase, is at the center of the artist's exhibition which proposes a heterogeneous selection of works in which he finds constant research which, starting from the intimate dimension, addresses central issues of a public nature and political, such as the issue of the right to mobility or the de-construction of gender identities. With Nada que declarar (2019) the artist aims to escape the dominant and binary representation of gender. In this work Raimondo combines a series of identikit photos that portray her naked with a megaphone at the pubis, together with a series of portraits taken by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires in which the artist takes poses that allude to some nudes women famous in the history of art. This creates an ambiguous representation dictated by the use of a megaphone, which on the one hand amplifies the vaginal sounds and on the other alludes to a phallic form. The themes of religious and cultural identity are instead dealt with in Derrière la mer (2018), and in doubt (2016) with overlapping of different symbols and identity references. Starting from the universal and symbolic dimension of the sea, in the score of Derrière la mer Raimondo intertwines extracts of interviews with some references to the sea present in the Bible and in the Koran, interpreted by the half soprano Edka Jarząb and the baritone Jérôme Porsperger.


Finally, the foundation of a utopian party, the Naso Partenopeo National Front, in which the artist opens a choral reflection on the daily micro-transformation and social emancipation, through a work following interviews with activists and Neapolitan citizens. A (non) party, represented by a non-flag displayed on display together with various propaganda materials, with the aim of determining a friction with the present of the political debate. "Anna Raimondo's work is a place for meetings and exchanges, which feeds on listening to the process and the final formalization with the public. The relational processes that the artist activates often question the construction of gender in daily and public behaviors, putting his daily feminism in dialogue with the attitude of other people. It can be defined as a journey into social diversity that facilitates and creates areas of possible interactions, dissonances, negotiation and choral creation of meaning. "(Nancy Casielles and N. Suarez, 2016) Many of her works focus on the creation of forays into space and the public sphere, in its continuous attempt to recreate listening spaces and times within the urban landscape, thus creating disorientation devices and dislocations of meaning. Through the fluidity of sound, the artist connects spaces, times and people and reflects on themes and identities removed from memory or society. The exhibition is therefore a liquid itinerary between sound works, relational projects and performative acts created by the artist in different parts of the world.

photo by Sebastiano Luciano, courtesy AlbumArte    


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Via Flaminia, 122
00196 Roma


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