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closed Apolidi/ No gets lost identity

Curated by: Antonietta Campilongo

The show

"I always live in the present. I don't know the future.

I no longer have the past.

One weighs on me as the possibility of everything, the other as the reality of nothing.

I have no hopes or nostalgia.”

Bernardo Soares

The theme of migration, in all its different forms, will be at the center of the Apolidi exhibition.

The exhibition presents itself as a form of collective narration, in which various points of view are interwoven, able to restore the faceless multitude of contemporaneity to voice and dignity.

The exhibition intends to collect analysis and reflection materials on a highly topical issue.

It is open to artistic contributions that address problems linked to ethics, the definition of cultural identity and the relationships between cultures, the relationships between cultural identity and gender issues specifically connected to interculturality, to the development of intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

Art records and investigates the decline of the world and the infinite transformations of an economic and symbolic system, and stages, in infinite ways, a possible reflection on current history, including its horrors of mass solitude, the fragility of man, on the imperfection of life, on the desire to live. He knows how to speak to our spirit beyond the barriers of language, time and culture. Moreover, it combines the origins and histories of places and nations, creating an ideal itinerary comparing cultural identities, loves and passions that manifest themselves in artistic expression, beyond any limit and geographical boundary

The choice to intervene in the debate on raising awareness on immigration issues comes from the analysis of the wide spectrum of contents that we have faced and that we will face in the future, we are convinced that an artistic action can contribute to increase the knowledge and awareness of this emergency, to be addressed at the level of a global awareness.

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Via Merulana, 121
00185 Roma


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