Museo del Territorio Luigi Ghirotti

Museum of the Territory Luigi Ghirotti

The Museum of the Territory, set up inside the Centro della Pesa of the Municipality of Riccione, tells the events that have affected the area of ​​today's Riccione and the neighboring ones, from prehistory to the Roman age, through a geological, paleontological and archaeological heritage of great interest.

The visit to the Museum is a fascinating journey through time: the path begins with the origin and evolution of life on Earth and continues with the presentation of the geological structure of the area, with a rich selection of fossils, rocks and minerals. The skeletal remains of an imposing prehistoric bison, bears, elephants, megacers that lived in the area thousands of years ago, introduce the sectors dedicated to the appearance of man.

The Paleolithic, the first stable Neolithic settlements, the Copper, Bronze and Iron Ages are well documented by objects in stone, bone, ceramic, metal, coming from the prehistoric villages of Riccione and its surroundings.

The exhibition itinerary ends with Roman archaeological finds including those of the settlement of San Lorenzo in Strada (Vicus Popilius), developed near the ancient Flaminia consular road.


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Viale Lazio, 10
47838 Riccione


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