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Collezione Maramotti is pleased to announce Studio Visit. Practices and thoughts around ten artist studios, a collective exhibition created thanks to the precious collaboration of ten artists already included in the Collection who accepted the invitation to tell and present their studio idea: Andy Cross, Benjamin Degen, Matthew Day Jackson, Mark Manders, Enoc Perez, Luisa Rabbia, Daniel Rich, Tom Sachs, TARWUK (Bruno Pogačnik Tremow and Ivana Vukšić), Barry X Ball.

A place of creation and production, workshop or factory, but also a space for reflection and interior landscape, the studio represents a multifaceted physical and creative dimension, a densely lived and complex object, whose elements can evoke the contours of an artist's self-portrait.

Introduced by a work by Claudio Parmiggiani entitled Sineddoche (1976), the exhibition itinerary winds through works and archive materials already present in the Collection and others shared or created specifically for this occasion, giving life to a presentation developed in direct dialogue with the artists and at the same time to a form of archive of the present.

In the figures of Benjamin Degen and Luisa Rabbia, echoes of refined and meticulous traditional techniques and archetypes of art and its history are revived. Alongside a 2020 work on canvas and his preparatory drawing, Degen is rearranging his studio which, due to the pandemic, had concentrated at the same time on a single work table in his home in Beacon (NY). The most recent pictorial investigation of Rabbia, developed in his New York studio and shared here with the public for the first time, is presented together with a small ceramic made at the artist's Turin base, along with photographs and videos relating to the two spaces.


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Via Fratelli Cervi, 66
42124 Reggio Emilia


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