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Leopardi's house

Casa Leopardi is Giacomo's birthplace and ancient residence of his family. A place still alive, still inhabited by his descendants, where you can discover the soul of the poet, immerse yourself in his lyrics and relive his emotion thanks to the available visit itineraries. Visitors will be able to move around the rooms of the Leopardi library, born from the passion of Monaldo, the poet's father who, since his adolescence, began collecting books and managed to build, in a relatively short time, an exceptional book heritage for the time. Giacomo studied in these environments together with his brothers Carlo and Paolina, under the careful and affectionate guidance of their father. The library was the center of gravity around which the life of a large part of the family took place.

Since June 2020, the Leopardi family has opened the most intimate spaces linked to the Poet's life to the public. “Ove Abitai Fanciullo” is a visit itinerary that allows access to the palace's reception rooms, the gallery with its art collections, the garden that inspired the immortal verses of “Le memorianze” and Leopardi's apartments.

The museum and multimedia tour complete the experience. The museum is an exhibition itinerary divided into ten historical-thematic sections that allow you to "walk" together with Giacomo in his history, through a substantial heritage of objects, documents and writings. The itinerary also makes use of technological supports specifically designed to facilitate the public's experience and make it participate.

The multimedia experience is a virtual journey into the physical and mental spaces inhabited by Giacomo Leopardi at the time of his life in Recanati. Over 60 m2 of videomapping projection for an immersive experience which, starting from the suggestions of the places - the Square, the Library, Giacomo's bedroom, the ceremonial rooms and the palace gardens - recounts the Poet's years in Recanati, from birth until the composition of the most important lyric poem in Italian literature: L'Infinito. Duration of the experience approximately 25 minutes.


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Via Leopardi, 14
62019 Recanati


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