Palazzo Pretorio

Palazzo Pretorio

Silent Witness of political, civil and military of the city ; dominating the Piazza del Comune with its austere and imposing, from 1284 Praetorian Palace è was the seat of the courts, prisons and the judiciary stranger expanded già in the fourteenth century. His soul changes radically in the eighteenth century, when the halls of’ building become administrative offices of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. In 1912, it inaugurated its present form Museum, più Sometimes updated until’ last order of 1998.

Milestone for anyone visiting Tuscany, the Museum of Praetorian Palace Prato offers the visitor an exhibition rich in masterpieces that traces history  and the’ art of Prato from Three hundred to century .At the ground floor l’ historical background, with symbolic objects of the past. The large rooms  dedicated to temporary exhibitions introduce the visit of the three upper floors, ranked  following an ascending chronological order. Works that marked the’ art of all time, including masterpieces by Bernardo Daddi, Donatello, the Della Robbia, Giovanni da Milano, Lorenzo Monaco, Filippo and Filippino Lippi, Battistello Caracciolo, Lorenzo Bartolini and Jacques Lipchitz ,   follow in the great salons, enhanced by the construction project of the architects Adolfo Natalini, Marco Magni and Piero Guicciardini.


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Piazza del Comune
59100 Prato


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