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The event

Climate Change Theater Action is a project promoted by The Arctic Cycle and the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts which between September and December 2021 offers a series of readings and performances of short plays written by over 50 playwrights from around the world on the subject of climate change. The shows will be presented to coincide with the United Nations meeting (COP) on the Green New Deal. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, the international residence for artists Art Aia - Creatives / In / Residence, which combines art and environmental sustainability, offers the show When, written by Wren Brian and performed by Viviana Piccolo and Clelia Delponte. Together with Martina Bellucci, vice-president of the Circolo Legambiente "Fabiano Grizzo" of Pordenone, Giovanni Morassutti, actor and director active on the environmental front, has decided to organize an event on the banks of the Tagliamento, the king of Alpine rivers, using exclusively “Clean energy” thanks to the support of the company la casa del sole, which specializes in solar panels and alternative energy. A moment aimed at the territorial community which foresees on October 16 at the Municipality of Morsano al Tagliamento a series of interventions on the environmental issue by various partners, such as Legambiente Pordenone, Edoardo Marcon, owner of the company la casa del sole and many others .

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