Museum of the nineteenth century

Museum of the nineteenth century

Set up in the former headquarters of the Bank of Italy, the museum houses the private collection of Italian and French nineteenth-century works of the spouses Venceslao Di Persio and Rosanna Pallotta. The exhibition itinerary is divided into three floors, along fifteen rooms . We begin with the international context of Naples at the beginning of the century, from landscape painting to the Posillipo School , represented here by works by the heads of the school heads Anton Sminck van Pitloo and Giacinto Gigante . We then enter through in-depth studies on the Resin School and on Domenico Morelli , Antonio Mancini , Michele Cammarano , in the heart of the Neapolitan school, with works by Vincenzo Caprile , Giuseppe Casciaro , Edoardo Dalbono , Gaetano Esposito , Francesco Paolo Michetti .

After an overview of the languages in the various regions of Italy in the second half of the century, from southern Tuscany to Lombardy and Veneto, we arrive at the relationship between Italian artists and French painters of the Barbizon School . On the one hand, Antonio Fontanesi met, on the other the Palizzi brothers, Giuseppe De Nittis , Federico Rossano and Federico Zandomeneghi , who lived or moved to Paris. The last section is entirely dedicated to the French, with Gustave Courbet , the main barbizonniers - Théodore Rousseau , Narcisse Virgilio Diaz de la Peña , Constant Troyon , Charles-François Daubigny - and Rosa Bonheur . Of particular importance is the research on the choice of frames , ranging from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century.


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Viale Gabriele d’Annunzio, 128
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