Ziino Palace is a historic building located in the center of Palermo. The palace now houses a museum and media. The building is a perfect example of neoclassical architecture and original decorations have been mostly lost. Among the decorations present include: the subject of the painter Rocco Lentini, wallpapers decorated by the painter Giuseppe Enea, fireplaces designed by architect Giuseppe Almeyda, curtains decorated by Ernesto Basile and the vault of the main hall decorated by Ernesto Padovano. Today the main floor of the building is home to seventy plaster sculptures from the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo. Among the works in the collection of plaster casts included those made by Domenico Costantino, Nino Geraci, Mario Rutelli, Antonio Ugo, Ettore Ximenes and Benedict Civiletti. The gipsoteca is open only in some special occasions.

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Via Dante, 53
90100 Palermo


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