Museo delle marionette Antonio Pasqualino

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The Puppet Museum Antonio Pasqualino

The history of the International Puppets Museum is linked to its founder, Antonio Pasqualino (1932-1995), a surgeon but also a distinguished anthropologist and lover of Sicilian history and popular traditions. Pasqualino dedicated his research to the Opera dei Pupi, a theatrical form that appeared to be in decline, talking about the stories of the Paladins of France.

Pasqualino - with his wife, the Danish Marianne Vibaek - founded the Association for the Conservation of Popular Traditions by collecting and saving from oblivion stage texts, puppets, theaters and furnishings.

In addition to the research carried out starting from 1960, the operation of safeguarding and promoting Sicilian traditions manifested itself in supporting the candidacy of Sicilian Opera dei Pupi to UNESCO, then included in 2001 in the first list of "Masterpieces of the oral and immaterial of humanity ".

In June 2014, the Association was accredited as a NGO consultant to the Intergovernmental Committee of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, becoming a privileged interlocutor of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Over the years, the Pasqualino collection has expanded by including materials from numerous other countries such as France, Poland, Thailand, Burma, Japan, some of these theatrical practices are recognized "Masterpiece of the Oral Heritage and Immaterial of Humanity” by UNESCO. Four thousand objects, in all, which in 1975 found home in the Museum planned by Pasqualino.

Since then, a series of initiatives - such as the annual Morgana Festival - and cultural exchanges has begun, with similar structures in the five continents. The new headquarters of the Museum is now located inside the former Hotel de France, a building of great architectural and historical interest, in the ancient center of Palermo, near Piazza Marina.

The Museum is spread over three levels, and houses a book-shop, a library, a video library, a tape library and a Theatrical Hall where traditional shows are hosted.


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Piazza Antonio Pasqualino, 5
90133 Palermo


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