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"What if this is all real?" arrives in Palermo in the prestigious headquarters of the Cavallerizza of Palazzo Sant'Elia . Another proposal with an international scope for the Galleria Arionte Arte Contemporanea, which has been operating in the area since 2003, with high-level projects oriented on the comparison between great historicized masters and young artists.
Giacomo Fanale, curator of the exhibition, writes in his text in the catalog:
Flaminia Fanale proposes itself to the viewer in a captivating way, seducing the public with her frames whose rendering borders on the pictorial work, in which one recognizes a certain familiarity with the surrealism of Salvator Dalì, where everything is understood as within a frame in which it is established a precise order of vision, and in which an image of indisputable charm is described.
The Black Rock City , of which Flaminia portrays with a personal creative dimension, those unreal as well as diaphanous aspects. His experience is an unconscious interpretation of reality that becomes concrete, almost as if it were tangible reality, in an idealized vision undoubtedly aroused by the environmental conditions, by the sandstorms of the Nevada desert and by the fiery temperatures in which the event takes place. But in particular from the conditions of absolute sensation of creative freedom beyond any constraint, but also from any convention that involves all the participants, and characterizes every present artistic creation.
Not least from the awareness that everything has an end, as in real life, but in the specific case not only a temporal end as close as ever, but that in concluding it brings with it all the values and illusions of absolute freedom from dependence as well as from the conditionings of mind and reason.
What if all of this were real? asks the Sicilian photographer.
Burning man is a social experiment where barriers fall. Everyone is invited to participate in a voyage of discovery that leaves lasting and unrepeatable traces of which Flaminia, as an acute observer, captures the movements and energies that originate and are consumed within the city. In a real world without physical and mental boundaries, freedom is the only possible value in a society that is able to bring out the potential of everyone, connecting man to nature and spirituality.
Burning man is a vision in the desert, the "fata morgana" of Sicilian derivation, the mirage that rises in the distance and lasts ten days and then disappears forever. The veil falls, the show ends. See you at the next edition.
Daniela Brignone describes Burning Man as an explosion of colors, an unreal oasis, fantastic characters protagonists of stories.
Burning Man is the festival that has taken place in the Black Rock desert in Nevada since 1991 and that every year sees the participation of almost 70,000 people from all over the world. The watchword is freedom of expression, thanks to which each participant tells their dream world. A cathartic experience in a border place, a
non-place that lives in the contradiction of being a system where precise regulations are in force within an unexpected and surprising scenario on which hovers a dimension of precariousness that the Palermo photographer, Flaminia Fanale, manages to reproduce through bold frames, light and colors . Cathedrals, structural and human, arise out of nowhere, in a realm of illusion without space and time. Each photo becomes a document of a town that is destined to disappear, of transitory architectures that testify to the events and extravagances of temporary inhabitants and of a creative process destined to burn itself, physically and metaphorically, quickly.

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Via Maqueda, 81
90134 Palermo


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Until 30 May 2024

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