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The IDEA cultural hub, operating for the dissemination of culture in the territory, together with the contribution of the Palermo East Flight and Rotary Associations, proposes the realization of the photographic exhibition for the VIII edition of the Week of Cultures- "NEW GENESIS SIERRA LEONE "- photo reportage on the Sierra Leone country among the poorest of the African continent just outside the civil war and the devastating Ebola epidemic, by Sebastiano Cosimo Auteri. The exhibition is a reportage of an incredibly fascinating world, "an Africa of the great reportages of the past, the one on show, of which we were no longer accustomed. Images so dissimilar from the more frequent reports of complaints, which portray a reality that is not at all exciting. Of a marginalized third world, the result of a development never fully started and already degenerate, and of centuries of colonialism and exploitation and environmental degradation, of embarrassing images of perpetuated atrocities of all kinds, civil wars, tribal struggles, epidemics , of poverty, of migrations, but also of safaris, and of indiscriminate hunting. Recurrent images of an entire continent, which presses the boundaries of our "opulent civilization" and that is scary. "Thus writes the curator in the introduction to the exhibition that highlights the image of a recovering country that tries to solve the annals problems of poverty and underdevelopment, a predominantly young population that believes in development and trusts in the disinterested aid of international NGOs and on the projects implemented for a possible development of the reborn African nation.

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Via Maqueda, 81
90134 Palermo


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