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Curated by: Nicolò D’Alessandro

The show

From 23 December 2019 until 28 February 2020 the Sant'Elia Foundation is pleased to host the exhibition “Giusto Sucato. Anthology of works from 1980 to 2016 ”by Nicolò D'Alessandro. A hundred works by the Misilmese artist who died three years ago will be housed for almost two months in the splendid rooms of Palazzo Sant'Elia, guaranteeing visitors an extract of about thirty years of work by one of the most peculiar personalities of our city. The exhibition, strongly desired by his son Pablo - who since his father's death has always devoted himself to the conservation and promotion of Giusto Sucato's artistic expression - crosses the entire artistic path of man: you can admire the drawings, paintings, and again the many sculptures, installations in wood, iron, totems, chairs, books and other compositions made for the most part with unpredictable materials, in accordance with the style that has always distinguished him. A great curiosity and an easy intellectual vivacity were the winning keys that allowed the artist, despite his humble origins, to refine his artistic techniques - taking inspiration from great artists such as Picasso and Modigliani - and to be appreciated and known not only. in Palermo by local artists, such as Renato Guttuso, Ignazio Buttitta and Rosa Balistreri, but also in the rest of the boot, above all thanks to the collaboration with the art historian and her great friend Mirella Bentivoglio. Animated by an artistic research strongly anchored to the Sicilian territory, Giusto Sucato was a master in giving life to everyday objects by presenting them under new guises, reassembled and reanimated. The themes most pursued by him refer to the playful world, to peasant life, to the point of approaching the wild and tribal style.

As we read in the catalog written by Nicolò D'Alessandro : <Sucato moves in a conception of art that is not finalized in commercial or career terms, but is in itself a joy of the spirit and necessarily becomes the ultimate goal of his existence. Whether it is objects torn from everyday life, paintings, tables, whether it is iron or wooden assemblies, books, various objects carrying contents, stories, narratives, form; they all originate from his visionary nature and always belong to an ancestral dimension>. The Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, who personally knew Giusto Sucato, reports on the exhibition: . It is also the confirmation of the contribution of change that projects the artist into the future, further ahead of the reality that surrounds him>.


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Via Maqueda, 81
90134 Palermo


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