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A bridge between two continents in the name of art is the CROSSING AFRICA exhibition, curated by the Orestiadi Foundation of Gibellina, with works that come from the Museum of Mediterranean Wefts and created in collaboration with the Sant'Elia Foundation in the spaces of the Palermitan palace of the same name. .

Starting from the concept of the Museum, the exhibition itinerary is divided into a section of decorative arts and one of visual arts. Jewels, fabrics and artifacts document the skill of the artisans, who draw shapes and decorations from tradition for their realization. The jewels of Algeria, of refined elegance, in chiseled silver adorned with filigree, coral and enamels according to a tradition that dates back to the early Middle Ages, the Moroccan copal necklaces, the jewels of the Jewish communities of Tunisia will be on display. Also on display are the colorful beaded headdress of the Yoruba of Nigeria and the sophisticated sculptures of the Dogon of Mali, to whom the Western artistic avant-gardes owe so much.

The visual arts section presents the works of the Algerian artists Amar Briki and Hakim Abbaci, the Senegalese Ndoye Mohamadu and Moussa Traore, the Tunisians Lisa Seror, Meyra Yedidsion, Kaled Ben Slimane, the Kenyan Richard Onyango and the Egyptian Adel Al Siwi, created during the residences of artists in Gibellina and then from the Mediterranean Trame Museum starting from the 70s. Dialogue with these works are those addressed or dedicated to Africa by the Italian artists Andrea Cusumano, Alfonso Leto, Francesco Impellizzeri, Innocente, Gai Candido, Giusto Sucato and Alfredo Romano, to which is added the Swiss Rita Ernst, who deal with different aspects in their works and facets of the complex relationship between Europe and Africa.

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Via Maqueda, 81
90134 Palermo


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