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The large presence of Chinese artists of the new generation that it intends to propose in the exhibition, includes a wide overview of the trends of contemporary art in China, which while drawing on its own centuries-old artistic tradition, confronts the wide panorama of contemporary international art , opening up to a new artistic interpretation also on themes and techniques that Western culture has already experienced in many respects. The exhibition aims to present itself as a showcase that will lead to comparing the already known and acquired experiments of Western contemporary art, with the new trends and experiments of contemporary Chinese art, enhancing the rather rapid path that the latter has undertaken to arrive today to express new orientations that challenge even the most extreme western artistic trends.

The numerous artists proposed, with their pictorial and sculptural productions, will give life to an exhibition that sees represented an absolutely unique artistic production for the great variety of themes and techniques expressed, and able to provide a broad vision of the new thought and orientation cultural that Chinese society wants to show to the West today, and how the whole new universe of the contemporary Chinese world is imbued with the same Western reference values. An evident manifestation of openness to the world, after years of ideological and pragmatic obscurantism, under the teachings of Mao. The same ideologism that in the West influenced the student revolts praising the red book of Mao in the sixties and seventies, and also represented artistically the dissent and social disadvantage of capitalist society.


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Via Maqueda, 81
90134 Palermo


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Until 22 May 2022

date_range Palazzo Sant'Elia Palazzo Sant'Elia


Until 22 June 2022

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