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Art knows no boundaries, walls, cells, barriers: it is free to exist, breathe, discuss and make people discuss. And during the pandemic, there were many artists who rethought their relationship with the art system, they initiate a dialogue that has gone beyond the countries to tighten a single collective embrace. ONE VOICE was born from here: a social movement that promotes an international outdoor festival where public art becomes a means to inspire and unite communities. Founded by Gil Shavit (Peru) and Eugene Lemay (USA), “ONE VOICE” took its first steps during the most difficult moments of the pandemic as a solidarity project at a time of global uncertainty. And it has gathered immediate support, so much so as to create a single red thread through 30 cities, from 14 countries on five continents.


Palermo has joined ONE VOICE and is ready to do its part: already today the mural by Igor Scalisi Palminteri was presented, a work of strong emotional impact born on the wall of a building on the Sperone a few steps from the vandalized ICS Sperone-Pertini school in the days of the emergency. The design of the mural was born within the project of the Beyond Lampedusa association, created to support the education and training of vulnerable minors.


Timetable and tickets


Via Maqueda, 81
90134 Palermo


More planned

date_range Palazzo Sant'Elia Palazzo Sant'Elia


Until 12 December 2021

date_range Palazzo Sant'Elia Palazzo Sant'Elia
date_range Palazzo Sant'Elia Palazzo Sant'Elia

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Until 19 December 2021

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