The Imperial ports of Claudius and Trajan are an archaeological area surrounded by greenery very close to Fiumicino airport. After the construction of the port of Claudio, opened in A.D. 64, the increased need for supplies in Rome he required the construction of a new quay by Trajan. This new hexagonal harbor, still visible in its original geometry from aerial images, was connected to the Tiber by a canal. From then until now, the coast is 3 km away from the Old Port. Today the beautiful ruins are immersed in an oasis, the vegetation is lush. The entire site covers 65 hectares, is also important from a naturalistic point of view, is currently divided between the Ostia Antica Archaeological Park and the Sforza-Cesarini family, owners of Trajan's basin.

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Via Portuense, 2329
00054 Ostia

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