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The show

Curated by Claudia Melis and Chiara Peru

Opening: April 6th, 6:00 pm

The Nivola Museum is pleased to present the solo show by Sarah Revoltella You May Say I Am at Dreamer. The project focuses its attention on a contemporary world characterized by conflict and the imposition of totalizing logics that tend to erase differences in the name of a single model of thought.
Against this vision that impoverishes the multiplicity of reality, art can be a tool for analysis, reflection and finally resistance.
The exhibition presents for the first time to the public the great Stars and conflicts tapestry realized in collaboration with Nule weavers led by textile designer Eugenia Pinna. Through the superimposition to the celestial map of black holes elaborated by NASA of the terrestrial one that visualizes the wars currently in progress all over the world, Revoltella alludes to the negative energy released by conflicts in a spiral of violence that assumes cosmic dimensions.
This negativity is contrasted by the positive force of human work and shared effort. As Revoltella states, through the collaboration between artists and artisans "a collective project is realized, in which every weaving point also becomes a symbolic act aimed at disarmament", sharpening "the awareness that we are also what we produce".
The same theme is found in Io Combatto, another work featured in the exhibition, which through installations and performances overturns the destructive potential of weapons, making them at the same time a symbol of fragility and hope.
The rejection of war is also the celebration of diversity: in the large Polarization installation a host of colored ceramic figurines shows us with humor and lightness a variegated humanity that refuses to allow itself to be classified in Manichean schemes and to be locked up in fixed identities. The entire project is animated by a utopian gaze that may perhaps appear naive, but in reality it is based on the assumption, already formulated by Bronislaw Baczko, that utopias - even if unrealizable by definition - actually function as ideas-guides and ideas- strength able to direct and mobilize hopes and to stimulate collective energies.

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Via Gonare, 2 (Museo Nivola)
08026 Orani


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Until 29 August 2022

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