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Curated by: Alfredo Cramerotti

The show

The Nivola Museum is happy to inform you that from October 31, 2020 starting at 2:00 pm, it will be possible to visit Sarah Entwistle's first solo exhibition in an Italian institution: a completely new body of works that includes tapestries, objects and works in two dimensions.


The exhibition You should remember to do those things done before that have to be done again, curated by Alfredo Cramerotti, takes its title from a half-written love letter from the 1960s by Sarah Entwistle's grandfather, Clive Entwistle (1916-1976), an architect like her and a contemporary of Costantino Nivola.


In her work Sarah Entwistle (1979) collects objects and fragments of materials; his is a daily practice that, through the act of remembrance, calibrates time and places. In recent years this ritual has begun to focus on the grandfather's archive, undermining its historicity.

Approaching the archive as a complex of evolving materials allows Entwistle to continually review and reconstruct new narrative lines. The objects in the archive are exchanged and the pieces replaced or extracted. In this process of fusion of biographies, often fraught with tension, the artist continually feels the emergence of a proprietary instinct, every time the boundary of a lived story is violated.


For the exhibition at the Nivola Museum, Sarah Entwistle created a large sculptural composition through a series of objects that record the movements of a year and her first visit to Orani. By presenting an aggregation of objects that have formal associations with a "historical present", the artist traces arcs and tangents between Nivola's works, the story of Clive Entwistle (both European emigrants to New York) and his own life and practice artistic.


Many of the exhibits were collected by Entwistle during his first overland trip from his Berlin home to Orani. Other pieces were accumulated in the same year in London, Berlin, Morocco, Athens and Sicily. They are elements found and handmade that collectively create an archeology of shapes, materials, tones and textures.


In the gallery, these constellations of artifacts, arranged to form resonant arches and axes, are presented on three monolithic bases in stone and marble. Visitors can relax by sitting on large blocks of compressed raw wool, dyed in various shades of color, stacked around the perimeter of the exhibition space; from there they can see a series of paper tapestries hanging from the ceiling. The tapestries, made with the collage technique, use paper of different textures, opacities, weights and sizes to create an abstract environment in shades of sepia and blue.

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Via Gonare, 2 (Museo Nivola)
08026 Orani


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Until 13 February 2022

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