closed Peter Fend.

Curated by: Elisa R. Linn, Lennart Wolff

The show

The Nivola museum is pleased to present the exhibition AFRICA-ARCTIC FLYWAY, the first important museum project realized in Italy by the American artist Peter Fend (1950). The proposal and the installation developed specifically for Sardinia are based on a forty-year tradition of collaborative artistic activities projected in the "real world", started with Jenny Holzer, Richard Prince, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Peter Nadin, Robin Winters and the Ocean Earth Development Corporation. Collaborative practice stems from the desire to work with clients outside the art world, while benefiting from a new type of artistic thought.

The projects were used by the US Environment Program, by major TV news channels around the world, by various state organizations, and were exhibited in international art venues such as Documenta and the biennials of Venice, Beijing, Sharjah and Osaka. Ocean Earth has the legal mandate to produce "communication services", such as site analysis with satellite data, and "architectural components" for cities; marine platforms for energy and wild fish, and for the conversion of waste into bio-organic materials and light urban structures. This work aims to respond to what the Renaissance architect Leon Battista Alberti considered the four responsibilities of architecture: to provide the technologies that give the city air clean, clean water, ease of movement and defense. 

AFRICA-ARCTIC FLYWAY, born from the example of the work of the Land artists of the sixties and seventies, faces the need of species, in particular birds, to migrate from the Equator to the Poli - in this part of the world, along the route from tropical Africa to the European Arctic. In the passage through the Mediterranean, Sardinia is a central site. However it is put at risk by the consumption of fossil fuels, which causes excessive heat and drought, and by the occlusion of the course of the rivers, which interrupts the meteorological cycle and destroys the habitat.


Timetable and tickets


Via Gonare, 2 (Museo Nivola)
08026 Orani


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Until 15 July 2022

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