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The exhitition will be on view from June 27 till October 17. We advise you that, due the measures in the context of Covid-19, the vernissage is not open to the public. You are welcome to visit the exhibition starting on June 27, 11.30 a.m. Museo Nivola has an infection prevention protocol to ensure a safe and pleasant stay at its premises.



Back_up, Young art in Sardinia is an exhibition project involving 27 Sardinian artists under forty. It is a survey on the new creative generations of the island unprecedented in terms of extension and scope.

The artists in Back_Up are born in Sardinia, but this biographical data does not define them. Challenging the idea of ​​an anthropologically different Sardinian identity, Back_Up shows the existence of a varied and original set of practices, themes, and points of view: paths and trajectories move from Sardinia towards Italy, Europe and beyond. Painting is the language of choice for many protagonists of the new Sardinian scene, declined in neo-expressionist or neo-surrealist accents, with an inclination toward the fantastic and the uncanny, looking at the relationship between inner life and landscape. The graphic sign is often acute and precise, applied to various media, from the page to the wall. Some look at politics and the social sphere, with ethnographic sensitivity and detached irony, or with activist fervor. Other practices through which they come to terms with reality are sculpture, installation and performance.


Works on display

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Via Gonare, 2 (Museo Nivola)
08026 Orani


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Until 15 July 2022

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