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The MAN Museum in Nuoro is hosting, from next March 3, an unprecedented and important exhibition dedicated to the history and myth of the Odessa staircase, renamed the "Potemkin Staircase" by popular culture following the success of the famous film by Sergej Michajlovič Ėjzenštejn, The battleship Potemkin of 1925.

The original project of the staircase, a monumental link between the sea and the city, was signed in the 1830s by the architect Francesco Carlo Boffo (1796-1867) whose biography remained shrouded in mystery for decades, in poised between an oral tradition that linked him to Sardinia and new documentary pieces that the exhibition today reveals along the way, thanks to recent archival discoveries. After the exhibition dedicated to Picasso and the genesis of Guernica, the MAN Museum is once again reflecting on a historical episode which nonetheless has a topical value, in the context of the tragic conflict in Ukraine, exactly one year after its beginning. In this perspective, the twinning with Ukrainian institutions assumes a value of cultural and civil support and closeness.

Francesco Carlo Boffo is a figure of great interest, both for the architectural experimentation of themes related to urban space, and for his role as interpreter of Italian architectural culture, already very much alive between Russia and Ukraine since the reconstruction of the Moscow Kremlin in Renaissance, and which has given the multicultural Odessa, melting pot of various cultures and cosmopolitan city as well as a free port, that unmistakable classic face also betrayed by the choice of a Greek name for the city. Boffo therefore presents himself as the main author of many public spaces, of representative architectures and of the same stairway symbol of the place, which connects the esplanade of the port to the Square de Richelieu, along an ideal axis that the exhibition will return through the exhibition of drawings provided exceptionally by the Odessa Archive, floor plans originals on loan from prestigious Italian institutes, including the National Central Library of Florence and the Ar state archive of Turin, as well as the reconstruction of the drawings and a scale model made thanks to the collaboration with the Agrigento Territorial University Pole of the University of Palermo.

For the first time, the MAN will delve into the work of the architect, emphasizing the contribution offered in the construction of the architectural and urban identity of Odessa, together with the fascinating human and artistic story suspended between the legend of his birth on the island and the real Swiss Ticino origins, fertile ground for many architects who later grew up in Italy and in its centers of academic culture, strongly linked to the discipline of design.

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