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Curated by: Luca Scarlini

The show

The MAN Museo d'Arte Provincia di Nuoro presents from Friday 29 May to Sunday 15 November 2020 an unprecedented exhibition project that offers a broad and articulated historiographical and cultural investigation on the relationship between Sardinia and Piedmont , 300 years after the arrival of the Savoy in Cagliari. Through the work of artists, musicians and intellectuals active in the two regions, the exhibition The secret kingdom. Sardinia-Piedmont: a postcolonial vision, curated by Luca Scarlini, testifies to the cultural osmosis between the two territories from 1720 to the 1960s, collecting a variety of works of art, documents, artifacts, literary texts, illustrations, ceramics , photographs and musical scores, from prestigious Italian institutions.

The exhibition is completed by a section dedicated to animation curated by the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation which, in collaboration with the MAN, has developed four experimental formats of animated shorts dedicated to Sardinian illustrators active in Piedmont in the twentieth century.

Adopting a postcolonial perspective, the exhibition itinerary illustrates the process of acculturation and mutual influence between Sardinia and Piedmont, to the point of canceling the stereotype of the "dominated and dominant" formula to instead give space to the free reinvention of signs and styles which lasted for over two centuries.

The exhibition reveals an unprecedented face of the Kingdom of Sardinia , a secret kingdom, full of unexplored stories and made up of prolific encounters and great mobility, narrated mostly in polemical terms by Sardinian historiography and with numerous misunderstandings from Piedmontese.


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Via Sebastiano Satta, 27
08100 Nuoro


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Until 30 October 2022

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