Marc Chagall National Museum

The Musée National Marc Chagall is a museum in Nice dedicated to the artistic life of Marc Chagall. The construction of the museum began in 1969, when the artist was still alive, by the minister of culture André Malraux, who decided to build a museum to preserve the "Biblical Message", donated by Chagall to the state. Chagall had followed the project with interest, himself requesting that the museum be equipped with an auditorium. In 1973, the artist participates in the inauguration of the museum. Until his death in 1985, Chagall accompanied the first years of the Institution's life, presenting himself at the inaugurations of the exhibitions and launching a prestigious concert policy. After his death, the museum was able to benefit from the donation and acquisition of the artist's works of art, slowly becoming a monographic museum.

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Av. Dr Ménard
06000 Nice


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