Museum of Fine Arts of Nice

Museum of Fine Arts of Nice

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nice is a museum in Nice dedicated to the Fine Arts. The museum is dedicated to the French painter Jules Chéret, who died in Nice in 1932. The museum includes a large collection of works ranging from the 14th to the 20th century . If you distinguish the works of artists of the Renaissance and of the following centuries, like Bronzino, don't even admire "The Crucifixion", Jan Brueghel, so that it is possible to observe "the Allegory of the Land and the allegory of the water". and various artists of the twentieth century, such as Dufy, whose work "The yellow console with two windows" can be admired; there is also a rich collection of prints and engravings, including those by Jean Callot and the editions of Goya's 80 caprices. The Museum of Fine Arts in Nice is housed in a neo-Renaissance building built in the 19th century at the request of the wife of the Russian prince Lev Viktorovitch Kochubeij, private advisor to Tsar Alexander II. The building was then sold, in 1925, to the municipality of Nice, which transformed it into a Museum of Fine Arts in 1528. The building is decorated with fake frescoes in pseudo-Pompeian style and is surrounded by a large garden at the end. English. Of particular value is the grand staircase, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful on the French Riviera during the Belle Epoque.


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33 Av. des Baumettes
06000 Nice


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