Certosa Di San Martino

The Certosa di San Martino is located in Naples on the hilltop overlooking the city, accessible by cable car. In 1325 it was founded the Certosa di San Martino and appointed architects were the Sienese sculptor Tino Camaino and the Neapolitan Francesco De Vito; over five centuries, the Certosa was affected by constant renovations. In 1581, you start a grand expansion project, entrusted to Giovanni Antonio Dosio, it intended to transform the severe Gothic appearance in the current precious and refined Baroque style. The growing number of monks imposed a radical restructuring of the Great Cloister: new cells were realized and was revised the entire water system. The promoter of this new and spectacular as the Certosa di San Martino is the prior Severo Turboli, in office since the last two decades of the sixteenth century until 1607. The work undertaken under the direction of Dosio, shall be continued by Giovan Giacomo di Conforto, who will make the monumental cistern cloister.

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Largo San Martino, 5
80129 Napoli


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