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Curated by: Angela Tecce

The show

December 16. A tale of the ancient made of copper, wrought iron, brass and beyond: to guide us, in this imaginative and light journey between past and present, it can only be Riccardo Dalisi. The well-known artist (potentino by birth, Neapolitan by adoption, European by vocation) is the protagonist, at the National Archaeological Museum, of the solo show "Winning the time": from December 19th (vernissage at 5pm) to February 27th, Dalisi will retrace his creative experience at MANN, interpreted, inimitable, among sculptures , design works, mosaics and sketches.

"We welcome Maestro Riccardo Dalisi, an architect, artist and designer who is always innovative, sensitive to society and the environment, ambassador of Italian culture and creativity in the world, an enlightened teacher of Federico II, a reference point for generations of learners. The Archaeological Museum of Naples welcomes him with affection, giving the Neapolitans and tourists for the festivities its precious exhibition, a tribute to an extraordinary artistic journey full of profound humanity and poetry ", declares the Director of MANN, Paolo Giulierini.

The leitmotif of the exhibit, curated by Angela Tecce, the comparison between Dalisi's subtle and stylized (almost aerial) works and the mighty statues of the Museum's Farnese collection: in the exhibition, born from the collaboration with various universities and cultural institutions ( Department of Architecture and Industrial Design of the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli", Department of Architecture of the Federiciano University, Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, SMMAVE Center for contemporary art Naples), a mosaic diptych is presented to the public and over thirty sculptures.

It starts from the Atrium, with two shepherds of a nativity, made in the 2000s as a result of the design of the cylinder of the famous coffee pot; continue in the Hall of Tyrannicides, where a large figure of a praying Madonna, composed of tin, copper and other metals sewn together according to the principles of the so-called "ultra-poor Design", enters into dialogue with the famous sculptural group of Armodio and Aristogitone. between different creative expressions and distinct materials that support and embody the artist's work does not end here: always "in the presence" of the Tyrannicides, Dalisi offers not only the very original mosaic diptych, which reflects, on a surface of 2.7X1.5 m, the iconography of the Pompeian frescoes (two scenes represented: the first, on a blue background, has a marine theme with fish; the second, on a yellow base, bears colorful flowers), but also a panel with drawings and sketches inspired by the sculptures by Henry Moore.In the Garden of the Fountains, a new glance awaits the visitor with the "Gazebo", which recreates the ancient Vesuvian paintings in 3D, while many others refer i show how much contemporary fantasy is nourished by classical iconography: not to be missed, the copper, brass and copper green sculptures entitled "Cave canem", "Ulisse" and "Pompei", which, with grace, lightness and irony, bring and desacralize the link with ancient culture.

Having passed the diachronic criterion and adopted a well-harmonized set-up condition in the MANN collections, the exhibition also features some famous works that marked the "beginnings" of Dalisi's career: among these, "The great papier-mâché throne" which, beginning of the seventies, it marked the advent of what Germano Celant called "Arte Povera". In a cultured, and at the same time light, itinerary, the visitor thus discovers not only the links between classical and contemporary art, but above all the experimental vocation of an author who has profoundly marked the Neapolitan culture (and not only) of the last decades: playing on materials and shapes, proposing an imaginative vision of reality, Dalisi defines the canons of an aesthetic that manages to find beauty and creative momentum in the dimension of everyday life. This almost minimalist simplicity is perhaps the key to understanding Dalisi's encounter with the MA NN: in the third millennium, according to the artist, there are still heroes and knights, but they are minute and thin copper green figures, outstretched, as in one of the sculptures presented in the exhibit, looking at a horizon that, until February 27 , will coincide with the rooms of the Archaeological.

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