Made in Cloister Foundation

Made in Cloister Foundation

Made in Cloister Foundation is a Foundation founded in 2012 with the aim of restoring the sixteenth-century cloister of Santa Caterina in Formiello , to use it as an exhibition and performative art center in dialogue with the neighborhood.

The place, transformed in the Bourbon period into a wool mill and abandoned for over a century, is a unique example of a union of Renaissance and industrial archeology, converted into a cultural foundation dedicated to contemporary art and handcrafted design . Made in Cloister Foundation carries out its activities mainly in three spaces: The small cloister, with its Bourbon drying room, is the heart of the foundation. Here site-specific exhibitions alternate with performances and live music , the Refettorio, a refreshment place for the Dominicans who lived in the complex, then used for years as a carpentry shop, is today the Cloister bar, furnished with handcrafted design objects, which also houses a social canteen.

The LAB.oratorio instead, on the first floor of the Made in Cloister Foundation , was in the 16th century a passage corridor between the wings of the complex. Today it is a project space, dedicated to the young art scene, to handcrafted design collections and the Bottega Collection.


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piazza Enrico De Nicola, 48
80139 Naples


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