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Lucio Dalla and Naples, a great passion of love that comes from afar: after the stops in Bologna and Rome, the exhibition reaches the MANN, in his heart city. The city of Partenope and the Sorrento peninsula, places of a thousand colors, folklore and beauty, have inspired some of his greatest masterpieces such as Caruso . The melody and the magic of that piece - one of the best known and most sung pieces in the world - were born with the same naturalness with which blood flows in the veins, or rather "dint e veins", with that famous "Te voglio bene assaj" which is an ideal declaration of love that can be extended to the entire Neapolitan universe. A gigantic poet who changed the course of songwriting , as an attentive observer he knew how to transform the most subtle aspects of the city and of Neapolitan society into music and visual art, the picturesque natural background of one of his most famous video clips, that of Canzone.

"Next time I want to be born here, to be Neapolitan to all intents and purposes, not just imported" - declared the artist. The exhibition, promoted by MANN and the Lucio Dalla Foundation with the Ministry of Culture, with the collaboration and support of the Campania Region and the Campania Festival Foundation , is organized and produced by COR Create Organize Realize . The exhibition, curated by Alessandro Nicosia with the Lucio Dalla Foundation , Special partner Lavoropiù , is part of the initiatives "The MANN for the city" and sees the participation of Archivio Luce Cinecittà with the sponsorship of RAI and the technical collaboration of SIAE Società Italiana degli Autori e degli Editori, Universal Music Publishing Group, Grand Hotel Vesuvio and BIG|Broker Insurance Group . It is not easy to tell fifty years of history in an exhibition. It all stems from a long search for materials, many of which are exhibited for the first time, which document the entire human and artistic journey of one of the most beloved Italian and international artists. Lucio Dalla has marked the history of Italian music in an absolutely unique and innovative way : he has reinvented jazz, pop, opera as he pleases, skilfully mixing them with absolute freedom.

He told the stories of the "last ones" with Piazza Grande, of the deluded and in love with Cara. A singer of life and sounds who with biting irony and poetic gaze has conquered everyone's heart. Not only a musician but also an actor, writer, theater director, sports lover and enthusiast of engines, dance, opera, painting, literature. Thus, through documents, photos, record covers, videos, objects, stage clothes, posters of the films in which he participated, posters, the rich collection of hats and caps, it will be possible to discover Lucio's intimacy and experience the strength of his soul and music. The exhibition is divided into over ten sections : His music, Family-Childhood-Friendships-Musical beginnings, Dalla talks about himself, The clarinet, Dalla and Naples, Cinema, theatre, television, Dalla and Roversi, Universe Dalla, The Lucio Dalla museum. The unpublished section From and Naples is dedicated to the relationship between the singer and the Campania capital , a city that inevitably enchanted him and a great source of inspiration for his songs. He appreciated the crowd in the alleys, the smells of the kitchen, the sounds, the voices, that dialect that he loved to the point of studying it three hours a week for more than twelve years . He loved the glimpses of the sea, a sea that he often sailed with his boat Brilla&Billy. He had a deep bond with Diego Armando Maradona . Gifts and amulets had been exchanged with him over time: the champion had given him an earring that Dalla always gladly wore and also his Argentina national team shirt - on display for the first time . Dalla instead gave him a rosary that he kept from the time he was in the scouts, an object that Maradona appreciated very much. Together with the documents that tell us about life, art and passions, the exhibition will offer the viewer the opportunity for a unique and special encounter with the artist .


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Piazza Museo n.18/19
80135 Naples


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