Curated by: Chiara Dall'Olio

The show

The Virginia Zanetti exhibition reproduces, through video and photography, the performance conceived by the artist with the involvement of the trampoline team of the Etruria 1897 Gymnastics Society of Prato, and the athlete of the Italian national trampoline team, Chiara Cecchi. Continuing the research already started by the artist in the previous Pillars of the Earth project, I just want to know who I am focuses on an autobiographical theme and on the concept of overcoming the individual limit, on the need for renewal and freedom.

The image of a person falling into the void from the perspective of the earth comes from an image of Luigi Zanetti (silver medal gymnast at the 1948 London Olympics) performing the somersault. The overturning of the image gives the illusion of a person falling from the earth, to evoke the vulnerability of the human condition. The human being alone in fall is the result of loneliness and a sense of helplessness in the face of the pandemic, an empty space in which we find ourselves and which allows us to perceive our fragility and impermanence on the one hand, and the need to drastic renewal and an extreme sense of freedom on the other. Assuming that life develops through cyclical phases of origin, growth, degeneration, death and rebirth, both individually and collectively in the history and cycle of nature, this installation investigates the need to disintegrate and then rebuild.

Timetable and tickets


Via Jacopo Berengario, 20
41121 Modena


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