closed A little little female painting

Curated by: Gianfranco Ferlisi

The show

From February 15, 2021, the cycle of dossier exhibitions will restart at the Galleria Estense in Modena with an original focus on female painting in early nineteenth-century Modena. The review, entitled A small small female painting. Anna Campori Seghizzi and her time, from an idea by Martina Bagnoli and curated by Gianfranco Ferlisi, starts from the examination of some of the lesser known works of the museum collections to open the discussion on the female condition of that time. The exhibition presents, in fact, the paintings of a Modenese noblewoman who by rank and gender could only practice painting in an amateur way, producing above all precious miniatures on ivory: Anna Campori Seghizzi (1781-1821). Alongside it, the exhibition also offers the works of Maria Teresa Beatrice of Austria d’Este di Chambord (1817-1886) who, in the court's domestic atelier, devoted herself with great attention to the same activity.

The works of the protagonist of the exhibition, Anna Campori, daughter of Giuseppe, VII Marquis of Soliera, 37 miniatures made on ivory, arrived in the Este collection thanks to the bequest of her daughter Giulia Seghizzi Coccapani Imperiali (1807-1895), will be visible to the public together with two portraits by Adeodato Malatesta (Portrait of the Marquise Anna Campori Seghizzi and Portrait of the Marquise Giulia Seghizzi Coccapani Imperiali) that will introduce us to mother and daughter and the intimate bond that bound them. Giulia, in fact, not only left the paintings of her mother Anna to the Galleria Estense, but also commissioned the posthumous portrait of them from the famous Modenese painter who, to do it, used one of the miniatures of the painter who died prematurely.


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Largo Porta Sant'Agostino, 337
41121 Modena


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