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Curated by: Francesca Piccinini e Luciano Rivi

The show

The exhibition “Half a century in art opens at Saturday, December 14th at the Civic Museums of Modena. Works from the Giorgio Giusti collection ". Curated by Francesca Piccinini and Luciano Rivi and promoted by the Museo Civico d'Arte, the exhibition offers a selection of works from the Giorgio Giusti Collection, a Modenese collector who is attentive to contemporary manifestations along a life and culture path that has lasted for over fifty years. The exhibition project starts with the generous donation of thirteen works by contemporary artists while other thirty-three are accepted by the Museum in the form of a free loan.

An exhibition that offers visitors a journey from the Fifties to the present through the works that have come to the museum and a selection of other works among those still preserved by the collector. Starting from the examples of the Abstractionism of the Fifties, passing through the experimental experiences of the Sixties, along the period of return to figuration in the following decades, examples are given of the panorama of the last decades. Among the artists on show: Perilli, Turcato, Crippa, Vautier, Beuys, Wilson, Manzoni, Pascali, Balestrini, Rotella, Schifano, Paladino, Cucchi, Anastasi, Franco Vaccari, Guerzoni and Wainer Vaccari. He keeps the same collector in the catalog to specify how over the years he has not felt attracted by particular aesthetic criteria or by individual artistic currents. In a deliberately "messy" way, with the idea of ​​breaking rather and overcoming too many fences that stiffen the field of art criticism, the collector pursued his passion by weaving different interests, choosing his works now with reference to the size of the a journey dear to him, now to that of the myths of contemporary life or, again, to aspects of everyday life. The collection of works of art is intertwined in the journey of Giorgio Giusti with the attendance of artists. His story is part of a context not only of Modena, but that found significant stimuli in Modena: from the historic Critica 70 exhibition, promoted fifty years ago by the Civic Gallery, to his friend Emilio Mazzoli, gallerist of international horizon.

The Civic Art Museum of Modena then continues with an exhibition dedicated to contemporary collecting its exhibition activity on art from the second post-war period to today, proposing an opening to the private in the hope of a further following.

After research on Giorgio Preti and art in Modena in the 1950s, the most recent catalog on the story of Parole sui muri and the 1960s.

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Largo Porta Sant'Agostino, 337
41121 Modena


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