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A series of works created in the last decade which, through a poetic and surreal reading of the myths of progress, produces new interpretations of the imaginary on technological innovation.

For the occasion, the collective has brought together a series of works created in the last decade which, as the curator explains, "are variously informed by these two different types of movement: on the one hand, the loop, the circularity, which can be understood in a 'wide variety of meanings, from repetition to an alternative time model to the linear one; on the other, the vector, a line that indicates direction and movement, which is also subject to multiple interpretations: from the gap to the vanishing line".

Founded in 2006 by Matteo Cremonesi, Filippo Cuttica, Davide Prati and Paolo Ruffino, the collective places the search for traces left in the present by the failures of narratives on the future of technology at the center of its work. Through a poetic and surreal interpretation of the myths of progress, IOCOSE produces new interpretations of imagery, iconography and rhetoric on technological innovation.

From the outset, with an ironic and visionary attitude, the collective has made provocation, play and Science Fiction the central strategies of its practice, "aimed at critically exploring the dominant narratives on technological progress and the future and making clear contradictions and failures. Post-failure is in fact the term coined by the four artists to define their own approach: the most suitable, in their opinion, to face a system - that of neoliberal and financialized capitalism - which is pushed forward thanks to repeated visions of the future that only they are hardly realized but, on the contrary, generate unannounced disastrous consequences for the great majority of people and for the planet".


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Corso Cavour, 2
41121 Modena


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Until 20 August 2023

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