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10 visitors can enter the Museums every 30 minutes wearing masks .

Reservations are required starting from 18 May: by telephone (tel. 059 2033125; hours 9.30 - 12.30); or by e-mail (at ), which must be confirmed by confirmation.

People who arrive without a reservation will be able to access the different tour shifts only if the entrances in the half hour are less than 10.

From 20 May to 28 June 2020 at the Civic Museums of Palazzo dei Musei in Largo Porta S. Agostino 337 in Modena, the free admission exhibition Years very animated will be held. Carosello, Supergulp !, Comix, dedicated to the history of Modena comics and animation from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Through the most famous characters of the Carosello television theater, the epic of Comics on TV with the Gulp broadcasts! and Supergulp !, up to Comix, the famous "comic magazine" signed by popular actors, comedians and artists, the exhibition offers an unprecedented insight into a local and national history reflecting the social and consumer transformations connected to the economic boom and the imagination of at least two generations of young people. Half a century of fun among over three hundred original drawings from public and private collections, technical equipment, photographs and merchandising located in a dynamic and engaging setting enriched by over a dozen audio-video stations, to return the important role assumed by the city of Modena in the panorama of Italian comics and animation.

Among the most famous advertising characters are the little man with mustache , Angelino, Toto and Tata , Svanitella and Miguel-son-mì created by Paul Campani and Max Massimino Garnier, the anarchist Sturmtruppen di Bonvi, author of the detective together with Guido De Maria Nick Carter, then the legendary Corto Maltese , the hero of Hugo Pratt adapted for TV by Secondo Bignardi and Lupo Alberto of Silver.

To these are added, among others, the most famous Disney characters, Osvaldo Cavandoli's Line and Altan's Pimpa, the creations of Clod, Bonfa, Roberto Baldazzini and the screenplays by Claudio Nizzi for Tex. The comic in all its facets in fact marks most of the works on display as well as - starting from the name - the Comix magazine itself published by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore and directed by Guido De Maria and Beppe Cottafavi in which famous comics are published international.

The animation in particular is told through the display of original equipment including a slow motion and a camera for shooting, so as to convey the dimension, even artisanal, that characterized the activity of the Modena production houses: entrepreneurial realities that allow you to recall both that dialogue between technique and creativity which constituted one of the most significant strands of interest in the Civic Museum founded by Carlo Boni in 1871, and the great use of equipment and manpower necessary for the creation of the cartoon, today totally surpassed by the use of computers.

Among the curiosities that the exhibition reserves there are the almost unpublished works, declined on the comics and illustration side, by the Modenese artists Wainer Vaccari and Andrea Chiesi, significant testimony of their beginnings.

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Largo Porta Sant'Agostino, 337
41121 Modena


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