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On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani inaugurates the exhibition Guy Bourdin: Storyteller in the spaces of Armani/Silos, a tribute to the work of the French photographer, born from the idea of narrating his compositional and narrative intent, beyond of the provocation that has always been associated with his work. In the vein of Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper, a director and artist he greatly admired, Guy Bourdin was essentially a storyteller, capable of packing entire novels, preferably crime or noir, into a single shot.

Presented in the spaces of Armani/Silos are one hundred photographs that Giorgio Armani together with The Guy Bourdin Estate selected from iconic shots and lesser-known images. The use of saturated colors – a hallmark of Bourdin's style – is explored through entire rooms dedicated to reds, greens and pinks, as is his skill in playing with deconstructed form, particularly with mannequins, and his unmistakable of composition. Twenty-one black and white photographs show how Bourdin's expressive ability is immediately perceived even with the simplest of contrasts. One section explores Bourdin's love of cinema, central to his creativity, and presents a selection of photographs from advertising campaigns showing what appear to be crime scenes or police chases, and which reference his fascination with Alfred Hitchcock and the “mystery plot” theme.


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Via Bergognone, 40
20144 Milan


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