Curated by: Luca Pietro Nicoletti

The show

The Traslazioni / Sorgenti exhibition, curated by Luca Pietro Nicoletti, represents the second chapter of the Monographs cycle, launched by the Museo della Permanente in 2021 with the exhibition dedicated to Mino Ceretti. Through a series of personal reviews of some of the most representative artists of the Permanente, it is intended to pay homage to the Masters who occupy a place of particular importance in the artistic panorama of the second half of the twentieth century and of the contemporary.

Franco Zazzeri is undoubtedly one of the most significant artists linked to Permanente, of which he is a long-time partner and where he has exhibited his works regularly, since the first half of the 1960s. In the various cycles that mark his decades-long research, he has been able to range between various sources of inspiration - from geological stratifications, to primary elements such as eggs and spheres, to trees, to the plow that furrows the earth and brings life to life - with an experimentation constant on the matter and on the relationship between the sculptures and the surrounding space.

In this exhibition, more than twenty sculptures are exhibited that offer a glimpse of great interest on the evolution of Zazzeri's language: from the Fractured Stratification of 1970, which dates back to the dawn of his career, up to the most recent works belonging to the Essence of Life cycle.

The main nucleus of the exhibition is dedicated to Sources and Translations, two themes that characterize Zazzeri's work especially during the 1990s. These are works that bring to completion the research on the vertical dimension, through large steles and monoliths of dark and wrinkled bronze, from which a shiny and shiny internal body emerges, which seems to tear the external armor, to detach itself from the material and rise towards a top size.

Alongside the sculptures, numerous drawings are also exhibited, which allow you to deepen the genesis of bronze works, revealing the phase of the creative process in which the sculptor conceives the work and defines its forms, before moving on to the final realization.

The exhibition itinerary is introduced by an excursus dedicated to a particularly relevant aspect of Zazzeri's career: public art. Since the 1970s, Zazzeri has in fact created numerous monumental works placed in public spaces, particularly in his adopted city - Milan - which testify to the evolution of sculptural language also in a monumental key.

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Via Turati, 34
20121 Milan


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