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With the exhibition “Drifting Sides”, presented at the Fondazione Stelline in Milan from 19 September to 5 November 2023, the third phase of the artist residence project “FUTURA. Art as an exploratory resource. To interact. Deviate. Attestare”, curated by Giacomo Zaza, supported by the Banca del Monte di Lombardia Foundation and promoted by the Municipality of Milan – Culture with the partnership of the Stelline Foundation of Milan.

The exhibition is configured as a moment of synthesis and restitution of the path taken by the six Italian artists selected for the residence held at the Fabbrica del Vapore from the end of April - Benedetta Fioravanti , Valentina Furian , Nicoletta Grillo , Lisa Martini , Giovanna Repetto , Davide Sgambaro - whose works are presented in close dialogue with those of the eight international guest artists who met the resident artists in exciting meetings open to the public between May and June: Rui Chafes , Hicham Benohoud , Luis Gómez Armenteros , Ange Leccia , Eva Marisaldi , Lina Selander , Enrico Serotti , Driant Zeneli .

The exhibition at the Fondazione Stelline in Milan represents a journey that allows us to discover a "phylogeny" of contemporary practice in the field of multimedia visual arts that has reached the present day from the 1980s.

The review draws a polyphonic scene with fourteen Italian and foreign artists , as an intertwined moment of recognition of contemporary art research starting from important episodes of migration of contents and images from various contexts - such as those of Ange Leccia, Luis Gómez Armenteros , Eva Marisaldi, Davide Sgambaro, Lisa Martini – up to the reflexive correlations and new configurations created by the attendance of digital platforms , for Benedetta Fioravanti, often in relation to the vicissitudes and disturbances of the human being , or to the reflexive passages opened by Giovanna Repetto in sphere of the redesign of reality implemented by versatile information technologies that invent images and descriptions, narratives of self and others.

The title of the exhibition collects the idea of a contemporary artistic scenario as a "node of possibilities", as Umberto Eco would say, a particular convergence of visual experiences to decipher, which move along the edges of unconventional contexts, meanings and associations. This title contains the idea of a lateral direction that can disturb, disorient, divert or simply move "skidding" to the sides of the assimilated trajectories. Artists create new random landscapes and experiences starting from relationships between living forms, new technologies, uses and customs.

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Corso Magenta, 61
20123 Milan


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