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TAM - Tower Art Museum

The TAM – Tower Art Museum is a museum dedicated to contemporary production involving local, national and international artists in the heart of the Sassi of Matera.

The "Ultradizione" exhibition is ongoing until 24.9.2022, with works by Canemorto, MOMO, Studio Antani, Ultravioletto + Dottor Pira.

In recent years the TAM has spoken through the page "I just wanted to open a museum": a narrative journey that brought this reality into existence before it was formally opened. The TAM Tower Art Museum will produce two exhibitions a year: a cultural container that accompanies the artists on a journey of knowledge and use of the materials and techniques typical of the territory in order to produce unique exhibitions that cannot be repeated in other contexts; in recent years the Sassi of Matera have been protected by a glass bell which has allowed a healthy and correct recovery but which, in the long run, risks transforming the neighborhood into an open-air museum. This "repository" guarantees conservation but it does not allow vital oxygen to flow: producing new contents and hybridizing spaces, creating new and unprecedented points of contact between contemporary artistic production and historical context, is a careful and tested way to bring new life and create new grafts.

The entrance to the museum and the beginning of the exhibition itinerary takes place from Via Ridola, 13 and continues in via gradelle pennino, 9: due to the morphological conditions of the Sassi the museum spaces are difficult to access for people with reduced mobility (PMR) .


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Via Domenico Ridola, 13
75100 Matera


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